Agriculture and Agritech M&A In Russia: Trends And Drivers Of Change

Digitalization, the Internet of things, sustainable development – these are the global trends that are forging the way forward for many industries, agriculture being no exception. 'Classic' agriculture is seeing tremendous growth, especially in traditional agricultural regions.

AgriTech, the place where technology meets farming, has been one of the most lucrative spheres in recent years. During the last M&A Community webinar, our experts agreed that this market will see many more deals in the nearest future, with mergers and acquisitions of ‘traditional’ ag businesses as well as VC and PE activities in the AgriTech sector. 

There have already been some interesting trends to note, namely the steady growth of the agricultural industry in the last 5 years, and the pandemic-caused weakening of medium-sized companies. Despite the pandemic, traditional agriculture is showing some activity in terms of M&A. The current situation suggests that several consolidations are to be expected, not to mention a tectonic shift in the food industry after Covid, and increasing interest in AgriTech companies, in Russia as well. 

Join our next webinar on Jan 28th 11:00 am to discuss these changes with leading market experts who will share their expectations and insights.


  • Main M&A trends and perspectives in agriculture
  • The largest deals in 2020
  • M&A in crop production: a closer look
  • AgriTech: projects and technologies that are attracting investors
  • Key players on the AgriTech market

Don’t miss this opportunity to dive deeper into a topic which promises to be one of the hottest in 2021.

Participation is free and everyone is welcome to attend.


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Alexander Lyskovsky

Founder and President at iFarm
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Vladislav Novoselov

Managing Partner, BEFL LLC
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Alexey Khabarov

Head of Investment Banking, Russian Agricultural Bank; Managing Director
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Andrey Chernogorov

Cognitive Pilot, Co-Founder
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Bjoerne Drechsler

Member of the Board, Ekotechnika AG

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