M&A In Russia: Key Trends, New Opportunities And 2022 Outlook

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The M&A market is, as many other things these days, caught under the influence of uncertainty; in the first half of the year we observed a lot of cancelled or postponed deals due to the impact from the COVID-19 pandemic as well as financial difficulties that led to a lower level of market activity. The 3rd quarter has demonstrated positive signs due to a number of deals in the oil & gas and telecom sectors. There are also some industries that have increased their share in the global M&A scene and which have actively benefited from social distancing and remote work, namely media, digital infrastructure, and telecom.

Join our next webinar on January 27th 11:00 am where we will discuss the current situation on the M&A market in Russia, and where leading advisers and corporate players are ready to share their observations and predictions.


  • Current situation in the M&A Market in Russia in 2021
  • Market challenges and risks and the ways buyers and sellers are navigating them
  • Sectors that offer the most opportunities
  • Approaches that are helping managers get deals done in the current environment
  • Most interesting recent deals
  • Outlook for 2022

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Ashley Melidosian

North America M&A Community Manager

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