Bjoerne Drechsler

Member of the Board, Ekotechnika AG

Bjoerne Drechsler has been a member of the Executive Board of Ekotechnika AG since March 2017.

He was born in Wismar in 1975. Bjoerne Drechsler studied at HWR Berlin majoring in business economics. After two years in financial controlling at Schattdecor AG, he was appointed president and CEO of GEA Farm Technologies Russia, a Russian subsidiary of the German GEA Group, in 2005. From 2015, he also headed GEA AG’s equipment sales operations in Russia and Central Asia.

Bjoerne Drechsler is fluent in Russian and very familiar with both Russian culture and the agricultural machinery business as a result of his long-standing experience in selling GEA process technology. Moreover, he is well-versed and experienced in managing companies in Russia.

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