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2020-05-21 12:00 AM

2020 investment opportunities and risk analysis in the global energy industry

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A slump in all major economies due to COVID-19 has negatively affected the energy market in the past few months. Though metal industries (e.g. zinc) have shown remarkable resilience in the face of the pandemic, renewable energies such as wind energy and solar energy are experiencing huge losses. Good signs are, however, that the oil market has been rallying recently on expectations of better demand as coronavirus curbs ease, and gas prices have also shown to be gradually recovering from the hit.

What are the energy industry investment options and opportunities for Chinese investors in 2020? Join our first webinar organized by the M&A community from 3pm to 4pm on May 21st, 2020, Beijing time. 

This webinar focuses on providing in-depth information on COVID-19’s impact on M&As in the energy industry. You will be able to listen to Legend Yi from the leading global energy consulting group, Wood Mackenzie, and learn from their comprehensive data, analysis, and consultancy advice about the risks and opportunities for investment in the energy market.

*Please note this webinar will be in Chinese. It is free and we welcome everyone to attend.

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