Brazilian LGPD: How It Will Impact Business

Join us for our next webinar on the Brazilian LGPD (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados): How It Will Impact Business on the 12th of August. The new law is expected to come into effect in May 2021 and it will permanently change the way businesses collect, store and use customer data. It is still an ongoing discussion in the Brazilian government, and this may result in a change of the effective date. 

How will the Data Protection Law change corporate business processes, M&A transactions, and the evaluation of cyber risks? At our next webinar we will discuss the new law and its impact on security, privacy, compliance, and the connection between LGPD and anti-corruption laws.

This webinar is the perfect opportunity to connect with industry leaders and hear how they view the issue of LGPD and will give you some valuable first-hand experience of the topic.

*Please note this webinar will be in Portuguese. It is free and we welcome everyone to attend.


  • Security for Privacy: The advancement of LGPD in Brazil, the main challenges, and new scenarios for security controls.
  • Overview of the LGDP legal situation, where do M&A and LGPD intersect?
  • The connection between LGPD and Compliance: just a focus for law enforcement?
  • Anti-Corruption Law and LGDP: points of congruence, and possible shocks.
  • Information Management contributions to LGPD.
  • Some industry-specific considerations.


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LGPD in Brazil: How the New Data Protection Law is impacting Businesses and Deals

Here are some useful hints and recommendations by experts in the field


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Catia Veloso M&A Community

Catia Veloso

Compliance Officer at CCR
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Daniel Aviz Bastos

Information Security Manager, TOTVS MATRIZ
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Thiago Luís Santos Sombra

Partner at Mattos Filho
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Alexandre Albuquerque Faustino

CIO at Eletrobras
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Daniel Beltran Motta

Data Protection Officer of Eletrobras

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