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2021-09-29 10:00 PM

Energy investment projections in Latin America

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The renewable energy sector is a powerful engine for growth in Latin America.
The projections to promote the development of electricity generation projects using non-conventional renewable sources, in order to migrate towards an energy matrix that is increasingly clean, diversified, competitive and resilient.Latin America has all the conditions to become a global renewable energy hub with great potential and big challenges.  

The potential rationing and the political environment pose both risks and opportunities for investments in the energy industry, which is also going through an intense and global transition towards renewable sources, including solar, wind, biomass, biogas and, more recently, hydrogen.

1. Energy Transition
2. Renewables - wind, solar, biomass and hydrogen energy
3. ESG
4. Gas-to-Power
5. Privatizations in the energy sector
6. M&A activity in the energy sector
7. Project Finance / Acquisition Finance
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