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2021-12-14 9:00 PM

How the rise of China changes the M&A game 2022

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While the M&A ecosystem has seen significant short term changes since COVID-19, investors are paying real attention to a wider change in the M&A market, the rise of China. This change has the potential to uproot and transform the very foundation of the western status quo.

The M&A Community is excited to continue our interactive series of webinars focusing on How the Rise of China Changes the M&A Game.

Join speakers, Grace Rong Wang, KPMG Director, Strategy – Asia Strategy Desk (Lead Director), Matt Fish, KPMG Principal, Strategy- Head of Asia Strategy Desk and Klisman Murati, Geopolitician and Founder & CEO, Pareto Economics for an in-depth discussion on trends, opportunities, risks, and strategies for approaching China’s growing market presence and influence. 


  • Welcome Remarks from the M&A Community
  • Short Introduction and Opening Presentations from each speaker 
  • Panel Discussion and Q&A Session 

Don’t miss the chance to participate in what promises to be a timely and relevant discussion.

Participation is free and all are welcome to attend. 

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