Impact Investing and Emerging Opportunities in a Post-Pandemic World

In the wake of a global pandemic, political protests, and a vastly changing economic landscape, what role can and will impact investing play?

The M&A Community is excited to host an in-depth and interactive webinar on Impact Investing and Emerging Opportunities in a Post-Pandemic World.

During the webinar we will discuss the topic from both a philanthropic and industrial commercial perspective. 

Join the webinar and participate in a discussion with panelists Leo Williams and Jamal Abisourour from SEAF and Richard S. Lukaj from Bank Street who will share their views on the future of impact investing and emerging opportunities in a post-pandemic world. 

Date: Tuesday, July 14th, 2 PM - 3 PM EST (11 AM - 12 PM PST)

Welcome Remarks from the M&A Community
Short Presentations from Speakers
Panel Discussion and Q&A Session

Topics discussed during the webinar include:

Impact Investing Models and Private Equity Pertaining to US Inner Cities and Communities

  • Impact Investing Models and Private Equity Applied to Emerging US Markets 
  • Historical Examples of Alternative Investment Projects  in US Inner Cities and Future Perspectives 
  • Private Equity’s Role in Developing Underserved US Markets Post-Pandemic

Impact Investing to Address the Digital Divide

  • Exploring the Digital Divide in Underserved Rural and Urban Emerging Markets
  • Addressing the Technology Gap in US Markets
  • The Role of Impact Investment Juxtapositioned Against Investment Activity that is not Uniquely Impact Driven

Structured Impact - Focused Equity as an Alternative Avenue for Sustainable Growth

  • Reframing Impact Investing and Arising Opportunities in a Post-Pandemic World
  • The Role of Growth Equities in the Private Sector to Meet the Needs of Underprivileged  Populations. 
  • SEAF’s Work in Developing Frontier Markets and with Post-Conflict Organizations. 

Please note this webinar will be in English. It is free and all are welcome to attend.


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Richard S. Lukaj

Managing Partner, Bank Street
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Jamal Abisourour

Vice President for Investments in Innovation, SEAF
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Leo Williams

Managing Director, SEAF

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