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2020-11-26 1:00 PM

M&A and consolidation opportunities in the north of Portugal

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2020 has been an extremely positive year for Portuguese M&A, according to TTR, the value of transactions in the country increased more than 30% YTD. There have been a large number of big-ticket transactions including a €3bn majority stake sale in Brisa, Rovensa´s sale for €1bn and OMTEL´s sale for €800M (and there are still many mega deals to be confirmed this year). 

Nonetheless, the northern part of the country is better known for having several industrial clusters formed of SMEs within automotive, textile, footwear, bicycle and other manufacturing verticals. Given the current changes in the global supply chain, the financial pressure put on these sectors as well as other specific factors indicate that a wave of consolidation is expected in the northern part of the country.

Please join us for our next webinar on November 26th at 16:00 PT time to understand better the opportunities that lie ahead in this particular region of Portugal, potential issues with origination/closing and the most relevant success cases, directly from a panel of seasoned M&A dealmakers.

Participation is free and all are welcome to attend.

Overview of the most important industrial clusters in the region
Legal and tax overview of M&A transactions 
Potential issues with origination, execution and closing transactions 
Success cases 
Future trends and opportunities
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