M&A Strategies And Trends In Life Science Industry

The pandemic has also had a mixed impact on life sciences companies. Indeed, 89% of executives saw a decline in profitability because of the pandemic. Although many big pharmas have been at the forefront of developing and delivering COVID-19 treatments and vaccinations, other biopharmas were affected. One way life sciences companies are responding to the pandemic is by examining their long-term business plan to ensure the portfolio aligns with future needs. In terms of the current situation, we organize a webinar where we will discuss the life sciences ecosystem including agro, pharma and consumer sectors and what are the multidimensional factors to consider for M&A Transactions?

America Latina has demographic, political and economic aspects that need to be considered as differentiators, so with our panel of speakers, Sebastian Arias Gonzalez, Senior Director at EY-Parthenon, Fabio Schmitt, Partner at EY-Parthenon and Paulo Serem, CFO at Bayer Group Mexico we will explore more about what is driving life sciences companies forward into new markets and new opportunities and how companies are responding against this backdrop?


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Sebastian Arias Gonzalez

Sebastian Arias Gonzalez

Senior Director at EY-Parthenon
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Paulo Ricardo Brehmer Serem

Paulo Serem

CFO at Bayer Group Mexico
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Fabio T. Schmitt

Fabio Schmitt

Partner at EY-Parthenon

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