Opportunities and Investment Trends in Healthcare – 2021

While economic uncertainty is still high, certain areas in healthcare continue to show promising growth. With 2021 fast approaching, investors are expected to keep a close eye on the rapidly evolving opportunities centered around eHealth, including remote-care (telehealth), healthcare AI, IoT Technology, and the platforms to capture patient data remotely and securely. 

These opportunities are not without risk. Investors need to determine which trends are more short lived and likely to diminish post-pandemic and which areas are more likely to scale, both from a demand and operational perspective. These considerations must also take the ever-changing PR landscape around PE healthcare into account. 

Join experts Dr. Gary Epler (Associate Professor of Medicine at the Harvard Medical School, and Managing Director, Gracewater Capital), Troy Crabtree (founder of Navita), and Michael Buchanio (Senior Principal, Healthcare & Life Sciences Chicago) for an in-depth discussion on Post-Pandemic Healthcare Opportunities and Investment trends in 2021. 

Topics discussed during the webinar include:

  • Post-Pandemic investment trends in healthcare 
  • The direction of specialty pharmacy and molecular diagnostics post-pandemic
  • Staying ahead with defensive PR on the private equity front 
  • How Healthcare AI is reshaping the healthcare industry
  • Market implications for updated CMS reimbursement rules on RPM service

Participation is free and all are welcome to attend.

Stay connected and join the virtual conversation after the webinar. Register here.


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Dr. Gary Epler

Partner at CDI Global Healthcare
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Michael Buchanio

Senior Principal - Healthcare M&A at West Monroe Partners
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Troy Crabtree

Founder of Navita (TeleMate)

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