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2020-09-24 1:00 PM

Special situations and distressed opportunities in Portugal

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Since the last European crisis, several special situations and distressed opportunities have appeared within the Portuguese economy (Seguradoras Unidas, Fidelidade, Novo Banco, Banif, Oitante Millenium BCP and others). Some of the world’s most sophisticated investors, including Apollo, Fosun and Lone Star received hefty payouts for betting on the country. This time around, dry powder from global private equity firms stands at $2.5 trillion with distressed funds ready to deploy $85 billion globally according to Preqin. The economic fallout from COVID-19 has been the perfect storm that many investors were waiting for, and there is the expectation that a large number of opportunities will soon arise.

However, there are complexities and risks with special situations/distressed opportunities which have to be carefully navigated to avoid potential issues, some of which are entirely specific to the Portuguese economy. 

If you’re looking to avoid such pitfalls, please join our webinar on September 24th 11:00 AM (Lisbon time) as we share our perspective on special situations/distressed opportunities in Portugal. Our panelists will discuss their experience, perspectives and strategies for finding and structuring the deal terms to ensure getting fair value and closing certainty.

Perspectives and specificities of the Portuguese economy
Potential trends
Legal Frameworks and comparisons to other jurisdictions
Success cases
Operational limitations from COVID-19
Customer and vendor contract defaults
Closing conditions
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