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2020-11-04 7:00 PM

Trends and challenges for infrastructure investment in LATAM

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The infrastructure landscape in the LATAM region has evolved quickly to become a hotspot for private sector investments. The need for the renovation and expansion of critical infrastructure is amongst the highest priorities for almost all Latin American governments. Still, the recession caused by the coronavirus will definitely affect these projects and highlight certain risks. 

Are there any economic recovery signs on the market? What are the best practices to identify opportunities and complete deals, to take advantage of strategic alliances in uncertain conditions? Which strategic geographies and sectors should be considered in order to generate long-term value?

This time, the M&A Community has invited experts from the Latin American market to share their expertise in infrastructure investments. 

We will discuss the best practices that should be applied for these projects, outline key trends, major risks, challenges and opportunities that might unfold within the upcoming months. The discussion will also cover models for funding infrastructure projects such as concession agreements and public-private partnerships. 


  1. M&A Trends in Infrastructure and Telecommunications for Latin America.
  2. M&A opportunities in the Colombian infrastructural boom.
  3. Success cases
  4. Current scenario and perspectives for its development
  5. Q&A session moderated by iDeals Solutions 

Participation is free and all are welcome to attend.

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