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Financial advisory salary survey
2023, Spain
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Financial advisory salary survey
2023, Spain

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The survey was sponsored by iDeals, a leading provider of secure virtual data room for M&A transactions.

Analyzing corporate finance and advisory compensation packages

The Financial Advisor Salary Survey represents a meticulous effort to assist entities and employees with an interest in the Financial Advisory and Corporate Finance compensation packages.

The survey’s sample is composed of a diverse cohort of corporate finance employees and financial advisors from various seniority levels across Spain, ensuring that the results are not only robust but representative of the broader industry.

What will you get from the Survey?

The insights derived from the survey provide a reliable benchmark against which bonuses and salaries can be evaluated.

  • A comparison of the minimum and maximum base salaries in euros
  • Information on the bonus trends for 2021 and 2022
  • Compensation ranges for analysts, associates, and VP positions
  • The latest trends in flexible work arrangements
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