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Latam Financial Advisory Salary Survey 2024
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Latam Financial Advisory Salary Survey 2024

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The survey was sponsored by iDeals, a leading provider of secure virtual data room for M&A transactions.

M&A professionals faced challenging market conditions in 2023. What impact did this have on salaries and bonuses, and how do you compare against your industry peers?

Our Latam Financial Advisory Salary Survey 2023 uses a survey of industry professionals to investigate the average level of compensation and benefits, giving a unique insight on market trends.

The report, published in partnership with iDeals Virtual Data Rooms, provides a benchmark for all levels from analysts through to VPs. As well as salaries, the research includes:

  • Bonuses paid in 2023
  • Average pay increases
  • Satisfaction with current pay and benefits

Download it today.

Explore the latest salary trends in Latam