Hongchun Liu

Founding partner at Winreal Investment
Hongchun Liu - Founding partner at Winreal Investment


Hongchun Liu, the founding partner of Winreal Investment, has served as the judge of the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Industry Finals for many times. He has been the chief engineer of ZTE 4G products, and has been engaged in wireless communication system product planning, technical solutions and marketing for a long time.

At present, he is responsible for the investment in the high-technology field in Winreal Investment, and has a profound understanding and rich practical experience of the development trend of China’s capital market and the investment strategy of innovation industries, especially in the fields of 5G communication, semiconductor, sensor, tech gadgets products, automotive electronics, new energy, new materials, etc.

Undergraduate student at Beihang University, graduated from the Institute of Electronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences with a master’s degree.

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