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2021-03-25 9:00 PM

Acquisition and integration of digital assets 2021

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One of the most popular ways for established firms to stay competitive is through the acquisition of digital assets. Yet, this process is not without risk. 

Finding the right integration strategy can be daunting.  Value is harder to define, integral talent must be identified and retained, and often conflicting cultures need to unify for success. 

How do acquirers continue on the digital path, given the differences in how the companies they acquire fundamentally operate?  How do leaders take steps to keep morale high and avoid losing talent along the way? Join Rajeev Kapoor (Partner – M&A – EY Parthenon ), Jennifer J Fondrevay (Founder and Chief Humanity Officer of Day1 Ready™) Laurie Barkman (Adjunct Professor CMU and Founder/SmallDotBig) for an in-depth discussion on “Acquisition and Integration of Digital Assets 2021”

Participation is free and all are welcome to attend.

Value identification and retention of digital assets, when to consult outside experts
Post merger digital asset acquisition challenges
How to reconcile leadership style, culture, pace of innovation, and risk tolerance of fundamentally different companies
The future of digital assets, post-covid, 2021 outlook
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