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2021-02-24 3:00 PM

Infrastructure: Challenges and opportunities for Brazil’s economic recovery

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For years, Brazil has faced a considerable infrastructure deficit. In recent years, there has been a proliferation of privatization projects, concessions, and public-private partnerships (PPP) which have clearly demonstrated the State’s growing interest in the national infrastructure. The national and international private sector has also begun to show an appetite for properly structured projects.

In a move to generate more interest, regulatory changes and adjustments in all public spheres have taken place to promote a suitable competitive environment. Since 2009, Brazil has been discussing smart city projects, but till now there has not been a robust portfolio of projects. As a center of the pandemic, which developed into a national health crisis, the State has not lost its focus on the structuring of infrastructure projects relevant to maintaining the national economy.

This webinar panel will address the national infrastructure center, look at the regulatory challenges, and dive into progressive approaches in public policies. They will also highlight opportunities in Brazil for the structuring of integrated projects that are going to benefit the recovery of the Brazilian economy; involving privatizations, concessions, PPP, and projects focused on smart and resilient cities.

Participation is free and everyone is welcome to attend.

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